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Jun 18

GT Sport Championships Start Today

GT Sport’s FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships are officially underway. Learn about the exciting new event format and see how you can get involved. Read More

Jun 17

Jun 16

GT Sport Championships Start Today

Posted by Kazunori Yamauchi on Jun 18, 2018

Today, we’re thrilled to reveal that after months of testing and fine-tuning, the 2018 FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships are underway and live for racers worldwide.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the thrilling online season from June-September, concluding with the Regional and World finals in October and November, where the Nations and Manufacturers trophies await GT’s top-ranking players.

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God of War: A Father’s Day Tribute

Posted by Aaron Kaufman on Jun 17, 2018

We hope that trailer leaves a lasting impact because today is Father’s Day, a day with a very special meaning to the new beginning of God of War. At its heart, this is a story of a father and his son on an incredible adventure and a deeply personal quest together. Therein lies a connection for all of us between their story and the ones all of us have shared with our fathers, or for anyone who is a parent to a child.

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3D Creation Tool SculptrVR Comes to PS VR June 19

Posted by Nathan Rowe on Jun 15, 2018

Hello everyone! This is Nathan Rowe, the founder of SculptrVR. I’m excited to announce the release of SculptrVR this Tuesday on PS VR! SculptrVR is built from the ground up to maximize your creative potential in VR. SculptrVR’s voxel engine lets you create, carve, and share insanely detailed sculptures with 10,000x zoom.

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Playing Marvel’s Spider-Man Made Me Feel Like Spider-Man

Posted by Justin Massongill on Jun 15, 2018

Five minutes. It took me about five minutes to feel perfectly at home with the traversal mechanics in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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PlayStation Blogcast 297: Cyberpunk 20E3

Posted by Justin Massongill on Jun 14, 2018

And… scene. E3 2018 has come to a close, and the gang got together to share their Games of the Show. Let us know what your favorite E3 Showcase moments were in the comments! And an extra-special thanks to everyone who tuned in to PlayStation Live From E3 2018.

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Fan-favorite “Back in Black” Maps Arrive for Black Ops 3 & Black Ops 4

Posted by Elle O'Brien on Jun 14, 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will hit shelves October 12, and as the launch date draws closer, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the remastered maps coming to the game, as well as to Black Ops 3 if you pre-order Black Ops 4 from PlayStation Store.

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Destiny 2 Q&A: Why Bungie Killed Cayde-6

Posted by Justin Massongill on Jun 13, 2018

Of all the characters in the universe of Destiny, Cayde-6 has been one of the series’ most popular. The wise-crackin’ Hunter Vanguard has been one of Bungie’s most recognizable faces (and voices, thanks to the inimitable Nathan Fillion) for years — so why did they just kill him off during our E3 2018 Showcase?

We caught up with the project lead on Destiny 2: Forsaken, Scott Taylor, to get some answers.

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The 23 Biggest Trailers From E3 2018

Posted by Sid Shuman on Jun 13, 2018

Dazzling new reveals and expanded looks at hotly anticipated games: yep, it’s E3 season alright. With the dust barely settling on this year’s conferences it’s time to relive the biggest new trailers of the past four days (or watch them for the first time).

Carve out some time out from your schedule, grab your headphones, and settle in. It’s a great time to be a PlayStation gamer…

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